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Testimonials from Previous Clients.

I travelled down from Scotland to train with Adam on a 1:1 basis not long after qualifying as an ADI. The training received was absolutely first class, it was very informative, conducted in an extremely professional manner. Adams knowledge of all aspects of the industry is first class; I honestly believe he's forgotten more than most know! I travelled down specifically for standards check training and driver development. I left feeling extremely happy. If anyone is looking for quality training, then please give Adam a shout you wonít be disappointed. Thanks Again Adam Iíll see you again in the new year

Jamie D ADI
December 2017

Having spent several sessions with Adam to get me through my Stage 3 test, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. Adamís methods are varied, flexible and thought-provoking, ranging from practical instruction to counselling and mentoring. I canít thank Adam enough for showing me the light and opening up many new ways in which to coach my students, as well as removing the barriers preventing me passing my ADI part 3 practical test. Thank you for your forbearance and unceasing professionalism. (New Tracks Driver Training, Stockport)

Jeremy Ireland ADI
November 2017

I can recommend Adam to anyone who needs the training to become an ADI or to pass the new standards test, he is very professional, and his subject knowledge is second to none. My lessons with him were an absolute pleasure. Adam adjusted his training methods to ensure my learning time was beneficial and I can honestly say it was money well spent. I look forward to more training sessions to improve my personal development as pace within the industry grows. Thank you once again, Adam

Diane Wright ADI
October 2017

Hi Adam, I just wanted to express a massive thank you and tell everyone how great you are. Having been introduced by a mutual colleague, I had really no idea what I was in for. You quickly put me at ease, and I had no doubt that your passion and knowledge for quality teaching was going to set me in good stead, helping me to build my confidence that I could deliver teaching myself. I found it easy to your understand instruction as they were always clear and concise. I believe you have equipped me with the skills to teach at all levels, while at the same time preparing me for each of the dreaded PST's at part three. In only nine months I have been able to pass all Parts 1-3 at the first time even bringing forward Part 3 getting an earlier cancellation. I am in no doubt that your experience and expertise will be wholly suited to develop any serious PDI's with the forthcoming Standards Check. Once more many many thanks for your assistance so far and the offer of ongoing support should I require it. Also, I have had my first pupil take their test which they passed with just two faults.

Neil Hessing ADI
August 2017

Hi Adam, Thank you so much for your patience and incredible part 3 rescue training. After 2 failed attempts at part 3, my nerves and confidence shot to pieces from my previous trainer.
It seemed an impossible feat, to hold it togther and actually pass my part 3.I had many times considered giving up but with so much time and money already invested in my new career, I decided to trust in Adam.
I am very thankful my search engine gave me his deatils, as with just 14 hours extra training, I have managed to PASS.. Yippeee! Thank you Adam, for helping me get my nerves under control and prove I can do this.

Natalee Byrne
May 2017

Hi Adam, Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your time, advice and experience over the last 12 months.
I came in completely new to driving instructing and you have guided me through the whole process, literally from start to finish, in a way that has meant, I have managed to acheive my ADI status in just over 12 months passing all 3 of my exams first time.
Your approach to teaching is second to none and pitched perfectly to engage me as the learner whilst ensuring a sound and deep rooted approach to becoming an effective and informative instructor.
You have taught me how I can ensure that my future students will be taught a true life skill and not just how to pass their driving test. You have been encouraging, honest, approachable and provided me with more that just a foundation for me to build my business.
I am so pleased that I chose to take my PDI lessons with you and, again, thank you for your on going support, which I will continue to receive, if and when needed.
I am now looking to put my training into practice by starting my own business and, with feedback I have already had from the few people I have practiced my instructing on, I know it will be a success.
Many thanks and I look forward to your continued advice should I need it.
Kind Regards

Kirstyn Haywood
Congleton, Cheshire
April 2017

I had trained with Adam for around 4 months before taking my part 3 exam.In that time he supported me and my learning beyond test standard.
His teaching methods managed to break subjects and PSTs down into easily manageable chunks without over complicating things.
He provided me with a fully detailed training log after each session which really helped solidify my understanding, along with extra materials and was constantly on hand if I had any other questions outside of lessons.
His professional approach from a business standpoint was fantastic.
I would urge anyone who might be training for their ADI exams or needing extra guidance for any aspect of their driving/teaching to contact him as he has helped me and others that I know enormously.
Thanks for all of your help Adam !

Dan Mccabe
April 2017

"As a PDI, I failed my first attempts at part 3 Instructional ability. I started looking for extra training and came across Adam's Website.
When I first contacted Adam to explain my two previous tests, he was very understanding and helpful from the outset.
I then started training with Adam, who was very professional. You could see right from the start he knew his stuff, not only did he provide the training I needed, but he also gave me many tips to help with myself to instruct learners.
I took the option of 4-hour sessions and have to say they were very intense. The training he provided along with his vast amount of knowledge on the subjects helped me pass at the third attempt.
If you're thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor, I would highly recommend Adam.
Professional, polite, friendly atmosphere throughout"

Laurence Whelan
Wirral, Merseyside
February 2017

I had decided that I really wanted to start driving again having not driven a car for many years as I'd never felt confident even right after passing my driving test and then had had many years of not even trying to drive when I'd been ill.
I felt that it could be useful to get some "refresher lessons" from a qualified instructor so began looking for local driving instructors. I looked at several websites which somehow didn't quite fill me with confidence and then came across Adam's website and started reading. The way that the website was written seemed very thorough, very honest and straightforward and struck a chord with me. Adam came across as someone who would inspire confidence, put me at my ease, and also cover driving skills for life rather than just aiming at passing a test which was the impression that I'd had from some other websites.
I then noticed the page which explained that Adam was working in the Middle East so couldn't give lessons currently (which my leap into the site via Google had missed at first) but felt so strongly that Adam would be the person to help me that I contacted him via the website anyway to explain my situation and ask if he could recommend anyone else or would be back in the country and teaching again soon.
I had a very speedy reply from Adam explaining that he wouldn't be back in the UK and able to teach but instead very kindly offering to coach me via e-mail and to help with the issues that had stopped me driving, which I gratefully accepted.
Adam then proceeded to coach me in a way which I found really helpful. He sent regular and friendly e-mails which asked questions about my attitude to driving, being a passenger in a car, and other things to do with confidence, asking me to rate my attitude to these things from positive to negative, how I would feel about doing certain tasks etc. I found this very helpful and that it actually made me think about driving and other confidence issues in a much more logical and straightforward way than I'd been able to previously. To my surprise it also made me realise where I had some strengths and made me recognise some things which I did feel more confident about doing which I would not have previously recognised as I'd just been totally negative towards myself.

Adam also asked questions to find out more about my life in general and what other things (apart from driving) scared me, what I enjoyed etc, all of which helped to paint a picture and helped me to better understand myself and where my fears came from. I found that by me explaining my fears and how I felt about various aspects of driving and other situations it really helped me to understand better and from that it became easier to break scary situations into smaller chunks and to work out how to combat those fears.

Another technique was to split my personality into Self 1 and Self 2, with Self 1 being negative and Self 2 being positive, to write down my thoughts from both sides before something and then what they were during and after as well as my percentage certainty that something would have a bad outcome before I did it compared to how I felt about it afterwards and how the outcome differed from my expectations.

Adam guided me through all this and I was able to quickly recognise how I'd always let the negative Self 1 dominate and I could then see how to allow Self 2 to fight back with positive thoughts, which was amazingly powerful!

The result is that not only have I started to drive again and gradually make some progress (with the aid of helpful practical tips from Adam too) but I have also recently taken a trip alone to Germany for business despite the fact that I'd not flown for years and had been afraid of flying and had never previously been abroad alone! Adam's coaching technique had identified this as another thing that scared me and he then helped me to have the confidence to go ahead with this trip which has been really beneficial.

Overall I have found that the coaching has been incredibly helpful. Adam's approach has been so straightforward and logical that it's easy to understand and put into practice and just makes perfect sense for so many life situations. As well as that he's been friendly and made it fun. I really feel as though this has given me key tools to use to help myself through life generally.

October 2015

A massive thank you Adam for your help and support on the weekend before my final part 3 attempt.
I found you to be highly professional, friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. You really helped to allay any fears I had and I approached the test more confidently than I would have done had I not done those 4 hours of intensive training with you.
I was in the last chance saloon and felt the odds were stacked against me as I'd never been to Shrewsbury test centre before but I finally cracked it with a 4/4 having previously missed out with a 3/5 and 5/3 respectively.
Once again thanks Adam and I hope we now do some Check Test work together!!

Andy Cooper
October 2011

Hi Adam,
I would like to thank you for the professional support and exemplary way you have coached me through my check test training and the belief you had in my abilities.
I felt that you constantly stretched me, and every time I came away from the sessions with a confidence that I never had before as a result of your coaching.
I wanted to pass well so much!! Your easy-going approach and attention to relevant detail was exactly what I needed enabling to achieve a Grade 5.
Even with six years' experience as a driving instructor, I needed to move on and develop.
You enabled me to do just that.
I would recommend you to anyone wanting to develop further as a driving instructor.
Thanks again and I look forward to a long association with you.

Alistair DSA ADI
September 2011

A quick message to say a big thank you to Adam for his help and guidance which enabled me to pass my driving test.
I had a previous instructor when I was 18 and he was the opposite to Adam, he was pushy and wanted me to rush everything, I only had a few lessons with him before stopping and deciding to travel, I then waited 7 years to get back into it and I was dreading having an instructor like my previous one.
However I fell lucky as I only chose Adam as he lived near by and had a nice car. He put me straight at ease as soon as I met him on my first lesson and he made learning fun, he was very flexible and extremely helpful and was never late for any of my lessons.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone of any age or any driving ability.

Ben Taylor
Rhode Heath Cheshire
September 2011

Hi Adam,
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your help, a 5-4 pass is just what I needed.
Would thoroughly recommend that any PDI's looking for an instructor contact Adam.

Bryan Skeet DSA ADI
August 2011

Hi Adam,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent help and advice with my first Check Test. When I got my letter from the DSA telling me of the date of the test I started worrying almost immediately!! Still in Part 3 mode I suppose. But after just 1 phone call you met me the very next day(very smart suit by the way) and gave me some excellent advice which put my mind at ease. To say you know your stuff would be an understatement and I will be recommending you to all my fellow instructors without question.
Thanks Again Adam

Eddie Tatler DSA ADI
August 2011

Hi Adam,
Just to express my sincere thanks. A few weeks ago I came to you after having achieved a poor 3 on my check test.
The prospects for me appeared rather grim, but thanks to your professional skills and meticulous attention to detail, not to mention the fact you're a nice bloke, I passed my re-test with a good grade.
Your highly recommended.. cheers!

Jimmy Rogers DSA ADI
June 2011

Driving lessons in Henbury, Macclesfield
I would like to say a big Ďthank youí to Adam for the excellent driving lessons he provided.
A few weeks ago I could never imagine that Iíd be driving again one day. I passed my driving test 6 years ago and have never driven since then as I never needed to and actually didnít enjoy driving.

If Iím being honest I was also a little nervous and scared about taking to the wheel. However I got a new job that couldnít be reached by public transport and didnít want to let it go so decided to take the jump and look for some driving lessons.
I looked for driving instructors in my area (Henbury, Macclesfield) but was very disappointed by a couple of them: some turned up late, some cancelled at the last moment, some didnít cover my postcode area and some couldnít fit in with my tight schedule.
If you want the best driving classes I would definitely recommend going with a private instructor. You might pay a bit more but you will not need a big amount of hours.
When you call a driving school most of the time you need to speak to their call centres and they never communicate your requirements to your instructor. So in my case it went all wrong as my requirements in terms of availability and deadlines were not communicated.
After few weeks of searching and disappointment I found Adamís website and contacted him by text message. All the reviews on his site were very positive and I was hoping that he would be available to teach me.
Adam is very flexible, punctual and doesnít teach you for a test but for life. He is also teaching people to become driving instructors so he is very knowledgeable. Adam helped me to build my confidence.
He made me do something different every time and kept the driving lessons very interesting. He's a really nice guy, and I would certainly say that he's the best driving instructor I could ever have hoped for. Now I really enjoy driving and I canít believe that I waited so long to get back on the road.
I highly recommend Adam for your driving lessons. You will not be disappointed.
All the driving lessons are 1-2-1 and tailored to your personal needs and level. Gabriela, Henbury (Macclesfield)

June 2011

First off all I would like to thank Adam for giving me excellent training for becoming an ADI ! . I was given Adams number by another instructor she told me he was good but she was wrong he is actullay AMAZING.
His teaching method is very educational with lots of information not only does he teach you how to pass the exams but also teaches you how to become an excellent driving instructor for life .
He is also very easy to communicate and very flexible always managed to fit me with the times I wanted.
I would fully recommend his training to all ADI's overall top bloke value for money and EXCELLENT trainer Thanks!!

Ishtiaq Siddique DSA ADI
March 2011

I used Adam for some check test training which I found very insightfull and helpfull, because as all ADI,s we can slack off from time to time.After just one session, Adam pointed out all my good instructional points along with some areas I needed to work on which I began implementing on lessons, then I went back for some more training to see if I was up to standard.
Again Adam advised me on how I had improved and what areas I needed to improve on again, then when it came to my check test I now felt I was going into it with my eyes wide open and I was fully prepared. The result on the day showed I was more than prepared because I gained my grade 6 mainly due to my excellent training, so many thanks to Adam.
I would fully recommend his training to all ADI,s my grade 6 is proof of this.

James Forster
March 2011

When my Previous driving instructor stopped giving me lessons due to health problems Adam called me up and offered to be my Instructor.
Within the first few lessons I could see he was passionate about the work he does, he eases you into driving,and you become comfortable with driving very quickly.
He wants to make sure you are ready for real safe driving before you prepare for your test.
From the time your comfortable behind the wheel all Adam does is prepare you for driving and then some!
If your stuck with your theory he helps too I passed my driving test first time with only 4 minors and also did my pass plus which I did very easily.
Frankly I couldn't think of a better driving instructor to have!

Thomas Kennedy
Febuary 2011

I first came across Adam after failing my first attempt at Part 3. Without Adam I would never have passed my Part 3 second attempt.
His approach to training, in my opinion is unique and therefore different to what I previously experienced.
Since qualifying as an ADI back in 2008 Adam has kept in touch and has always been available for advice.
I recently achieved Grade 6 status which is down to Adams initial training. He didn't train me to pass a Part 3 exam he was training me to be a Grade 6 instructor.
I am now taking advanced driver training lessons with Adam so I can achieve a gold grade at RoSPA to go on and teach advanced driver training myself.
Excellent trainer and genuinely decent bloke.

Mark Easter
October 2010

Having self studied through ADI part one and received local help with part two, I was looking for a pay-as-you-go solution for part three training. Adam was very accommodating, considering the distance he had to travel for training. His driving philosophy and ethics are to teach the skills required for life not just to pass the test - this is relevant for learners passing the standard driving test as well as PDIs looking to become fully fledged driving instructors. The 1-1 tuition I received was always tailored to suit my requirements and not a 'one size fits all' approach. I received fantastic, professional tuition and invaluable advice from Adam and am now looking forward to developing my career as a driving instructor.

Sarah Perry DSA ADI
December 2010

Adam is the best. He helped me to over come my nerves which was my main battle.He taught me not just how to drive but why as well,for me this helped alot.If i understood why i was doing something, it would sink in better. Thank you adam for your support and guidance. Still cant believe i passed first time. You are fantastic and driving will change my life.

October 2010

Before Adam I have had a previous instructor, failed my test twice, and then stopped because I went to university. I pick up driving again for the summer holidays and thought I needed a fresh start with someone different. Adam is a Brilliant instructor he is calm, supportive and gives concise advice. He doesn't just teach you how to pass a test (like some instructors do!) he teaches you how to DRIVE. I have learnt a lot from Adam in such a short space of time 10 lessons in fact. You can definitely tell the difference between instructors. Adam was flexible and always managed to fit in regular lessons.I would highly recommend Adam to anyone. (If you can't pass with Adam, then you may as well give up!

August 2010

Adam is a fantastic trainer
He Helped me to become an A.D.I and I really couldn't have done it without his continued support through out my training,thank you so much for all your help, Would recommend you to anyone!!

Louise Pearson DSA ADI
September 2010

Adam was recommended to me by my previous instructor whom Adam taught to become a driving instructor. Before I contacted Adam, I had had lessons with 4 driving instructors and failed the test 4 times, which was very frustrating. Today I took my test for the fifth time - and passed! It's not only this result that has made me happy, but also to hear from Adam how good my test-drive was - because this is a high praise. His standards are such that when you go for a test, you actually know more and can perform better than is required for the test.
He teaches advanced safe driving, not just a quick pass, and gives you a lot of useful information during the lessons that you would struggle to find somewhere else. He helps you to develop good judgment, independence, anticipation and using your common sense. I had had a tendency just to drive and see what happens before I started lessons with Adam, but now I am much more cautious and am trying not only to drive properly myself but also to deal safely with the bad driving of others. Even when you know that you are reasonably good, if nerves take over, you feel you know nothing and you are hopeless.
That's how I felt today before the test. Adam was very understanding and was being not only an instructor but also a psychotherapist and truly helped me to calm down. I am really grateful to him for that.
Speaking of the personal side, he is very punctual (which was important for me), friendly and polite. You can see straight away that you are dealing with a professional. I am now going to do PassPlus Course, and who knows, perhaps I will go even further - and to help me with that I will certainly choose Adam!
Tatiana Asyuta
June 2010

Being one of Adam's past pupils, after passing my driving test, I would highly recommend him as an instructor. Adam was kind and understanding with extensive patience, he was always on time for lessons with a smile! Adam was flexible and always managed to fit in regular lessons. For all these reasons my experience of learning to drive was enjoyable, I now feel safe and confident on the roads after Adam's guidance.

Daisy Anderson-Perrin
Alderley Edge
April 2010

Thanks adam for the training to get me through my check test,the things you picked up on happened on the day,but because we had talked about it at the end of the training I delt with it on the day better. I have no doubt that without your advise I would be looking at another test in 12 weeks time,also it has made me realise how easy it is to get into bad habits.
Thanks Again
Lisa D'arcy DSA ADI
South Yorkshire

Adam Cotton was recommended to me by a former ADI trainee of his. I am based in Blackpool and after passing the first two parts of my A.D.I licence, I purchased a Vehicle to use for training. After purchasing my Trainee Licence I advertised in a local newsagent for pupils to train with. I had a good response and was soon 'out on my own'. I felt I was doing fine having got three pupils through their test, I then purchased a 'Part 3 Aid', in this aid was a breakdown of the PST's that I would be tested on. I was horrified to find that what was expected of me on my third and final test was not what I had been Instructing, it wasn't that I didn't know what I was teaching, it was just how I was going about it.
At this point I was felt lost and was lucky enough for somebody to direct me to Adam Cotton.
After a phone call Adam arranged to come to Blackpool and help me prepare for my part 3. We did around 30 hours or training covering every subject and PST.
After failing my first two attempts [nerves] I passed my third and became a very proud ADI. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Adam Cotton then I would have given up and walked.
I now understand that being a driving instructor is not just about getting somebody through their test or even teaching them to drive, it is also helping them to believe they can succeed, a large and important part of training a pupil is building their confidence, and Adam Cotton did exactly that with me.
Adam Cotton would be my first recommendation.
I have since taken training with Adam for my first check test in which I gained a fantastic grade 5

Chris Hopkins DSA ADI

I just wanted to say what a fantastic instructor Adam was to me. I trained with Adam on parts 2 and 3 ADI exams and would not have done it without him. He was a dedicated instructor to me and also a good friend during and outside tuition. He was always there and always had time for me when I needed support. I am now a fully qualified ADI and currently setting up my own business Dawn's Driving Tuition
So a very big thank you again Adam, and good luck for the future in everything you do!
Dawn Hodgeson DSA ADI
Padiham,nr Burnley
May 2009

Hi Adam. The training I had enabled me to pass my part 3 first time without a trainee licence, and I found you very professional, easy to get on with and a perfectionist. That gave me confidence to treat the dreaded senior examiner as a pupil and not someone to be feared!
Mark Lyons DSA ADI

Adam was my trainer for my Driving Instructor Part 2 and Part 3 tests. His training was always very professional and honest. 1st impressions were very good. Dressed in suit and clean car. I could ask Adam any question to do with the test or any part of driving and he would know they answer straight away. His knowledge was brilliant. He always went on the positives and made sure that any errors were identified and corrected. I would definitely reccommend Adam for any Instructor Training.
Matt Short DSA ADI
West Midlands

I started lessons with Adam after 14 years of driving lessons with various instructors and 2 failed tests. After a very short period, I could tell the difference between Adam and my previous instructors. Adam is exceptionally knowledgeable and truly cares about his pupils and road safety. He is patient and informative, and best of all I learnt in his VW Golf 2 litre TDi! I am proud to have passed my test and have no hesitation in recommending Adam's services.
Lee Brookes

I become a Grade 5 Driving Instructor with Adam's help! After training with a National Driving School and failing my ADI part 3, I've contacted Adam in order to get one to one tuition. In just a few lessons he spotted and rectified my weakness and I was confident when I took (and passed) the Adi part 3(test of instruction ability). About a year later, I received a request to take the Adi Check Test. Once again, Adam's high standards and very professional approach has helped my career and I've passed with a Grade 5. Highly recommended! Thank you Adam!
Dan Gheatau DSA ADI

I had lessons with adam for about 5 months and started driving as a complete novice.
through out the lessons i felt comfortable and trusted and any mistakes i made he helped me correct them.
Adam's a great guy and thanks to him i've passed my test and am a safe confident driver.
cheers adam :)
Max Hodson
Alderley Edge

Adam is a fantastic driving instructor that i cant rate highly enough, very professional and gave excellent tuition.I would definately recommend him to anyone that is learning to drive or looking to further develop their driving skills or career.
Sam Johnson
Alderley Egde

I passed my driving test today, first time. Adam's level of instruction is of a very high and professional standard. I have absolutely no complaints. I would happily recommend him; my brother was taught by him a couple of years ago and passed with no minors. He was also less expensive than the driving instructors whom my friends were taught by.
Anna Lomas

Adam was a brilliant driving instructor who helped me pass my driving test first time with only one minor, this was due to his excellent advice, and brilliant training he give me. He is also cheap compared to many other driving instructors I looked at before taking lessons with him. I would definitely recommend his driving school to anybody!
Michelle Clewlow

I am now a driving instructor and was trained by Adam before he had his own school.He is a great trainer in driving and teaching skills. I passed first time my driving tests. Adam was a great confidence builder and model of a good driving instructor.
Alain Kingue DSA ADI

A while back i made a decision to stop working for someone else and work for myself. I have always enjoyed driving so instructing seemed an obvious choice. Luckily i had adam as an instructor. When i first seen what i had to do to qualify ,it looked a bit of a mine field with pst's ,advanced driving test and core competences.
Adam was great from the start, always on time ,thorough during all of my training and very approachable. I didnt go on a trainee licence due to work but due to the high standard of training i passed my course and went straight into working on a green badge.
I am now working full time as an instructor,earning a good living and sharing the pupils experience from first lesson to passing the test and it does give you a real feeling of job satisfaction.
I would like to thank adam for his support and expertise and helping me into this rewarding career.
Keith Boden DSA ADI

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