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Many congratulations to Ben,Natalie,Mark,and Jo who all recently passed the new style ADI part 3 tests.

Driving Instructor Training

To become a driving instructor, first of all you must be able to meet certain criteria such as

Hold a full UK, European Union or European Economic Area unrestricted car driving licence

Have held the car driving licence for at least four out of the previous six years prior to joining the Register after qualifying

Have not been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to joining the Register

A ‘fit and proper’ person to have your name entered on the Register

Business link offers more detailed up to date information, this is direct link to the Driving Standards Agency.

adi part 2 training

You must pass 3 exams to qualify as driving Instructor,The qualifying process consists of three tests:
Theory (part one)
Driving ability assessment (part two)
Test of instructional ability (part three)

Investing in the best training is crucial to you passing,You should be looking for a trainer who will teach you all the skills to become a successful driving Instructor,and has a proven track record with testimonials from clients who you should be able to contact, Be wary of'guaranteed pass' type courses with set amounts of hours that often only covers the basics and may give a narrow view of the role as a driving Instructor and in particular the final exam ,the ADI part 3, which Contrary to popular belief is not a difficult exam if you are correctly trained.
I can offer short training sessions of 2 hours and above or full days or even week long courses at your choice of location,price is dependent on location and duration, if you are currently already training and would like a short assessment to see if I can help you please contact me for further details

 Be wary of adverts you may see offering the a new career as an ADI earning £000's in a matter of months, if it sounds too be good to be true it generally is. Some potential driving Instructors teach learners on a 6 month trainee license (which can be identified by a pink badge that must be on display). Teaching as a trainee is fine as long as they are gaining good training.The ADI qualifying exams can be passed without trainee license but you should consider what suits you best, I have some good links with local and naional driving schools if you are looking to start up your new career with a franchise.

Life as an instructor is hard work, takes dedication and continunal self development. However it can be incredibly rewarding to teach people to drive safely, and you can make a reasonable living from it. You will learn many new skills, ranging from teaching to being in business, self employment and its rewards and frustrations!



Learning to drive
What would you like me to teach you?
• How to drive a car?
• How to pass your driving test easily?
• How to be confident and how to avoid crashing?
• Learn a little about basic car maintainence
• I can teach you all you need click here for learners page.

Learning to drive is an exciting experience, many young people wait  in anticipation of their 17th birthday, but it's also common to find learners starting later in life.Lots of learners focus on their driving test, but passing a test is only the start, you should be learning to drive with an Instructor who teaching methods will allow to meet your aims, but also teach you how to drive any car, how to understand car control and the huge responsability that driving involves (one of the major reasons people fail driving test is they simply haven been taught incorrectly).If you would like to be taught to drive by a highly trained advanced driver and Instructor I charge £28 per hour,please take a look at my testimonials page from previous clients

Before considering learning to drive you must have your provisional license and be able to meet current eyesight tests, Direct Gov has the most upto date information.
Learning to drive is a commitment to study and practice in your own time as well as taking lessons and also being able to fund your training.

The average pupil will take approximately 2.3hrs x their age; if you're 17 you would expect to have around 39hours lessons, plus private practice. This is obviously a guide to help you budget, however every pupil learns at a different pace.
Briefly I believe the correct way to teach someone to drive is to educate on
— Car control and understanding its limitations
— Early stage Thinking once Controls are understood
— Taking responsability as a driver and complying with laws and regulations
— Becoming an Independent by Concentrating hard and advanced thinking
— Route planning, fuel saving ,vechile maintainence,enviromental impact of driving
— Weather Systems and your wellbeing,life style and its impact on driving
— Avoiding Crashing,road rage,distractions,and breaking the law
— Enjoying driving and easily passing your driving test!

When weighing up the cost of learning to drive it may seem expensive,and you should avoid just wanting to pass your driving test,instead be taught to become a safe driver who is confident,able to deal with any traffic situation and who fits in to todays crowded and sometimes aggressive roads

You should read relevant books and use the internet for a source of learning, remember the highway code is not just for learners or for reading just before your theory test ( click here to book your theory) ALL drivers should keep themselves up to date with laws and regulations affecting them.

When you consider choosing a driving instructor look for a number of important points.
Who are your friends or family learning with? Getting someone who is recommended is often the best way to find the best instructors( check out my testimonials from previous clients)

Driving Instructor Congleton
Fleet Training and Risk Assessments

In this section you will find some information regarding fleet driver training, If you are an employer and you have more than five employees you must by law (health & safety at work act 1974 & corporate manslaughter act 2007) provide driver training for any employee who drives as part of their work duties.

Sadly every week 200 road deaths and serious injuries involve someone at work (source DFT/Think road safety )
Help protect your workforce and yourself from the risks of road traffic collisions, and identify the risks affecting your industry.

Mobile phone use whilst driving is a huge problem as is texting whilst driving. As an employer you should be aware of how contacting an employee whilst they are driving can legally effect you.

Driver training is an effective way of reducing running costs developed from improved driving practices and less insurance claims, better fuel economy and peace of mind I can offer training sessions from a little as £40** per driver (approx 1.5hours)with the training on fuel saving alone you should see a reduction on your drivers fuel bill!

If you are a self employed person who drives as part of their job, there are some rules that will effect you Perhaps you may just require some training to help protect yourself from the risk from other road users or helping you reduce your running costs from improved driving practices.

You can find more information about legislation and road safety from my links page.

You will find much more about the various courses for instructors and legislation for companies requiring driver training and lots more about me!

Standards Check Test Training & Part 3 rescue
Frst of all do not worry about your Standards check test as so many ADI's seem to do.If you are newly qualified youmay recieve an invitation to check tests within a year of qualifying. However it can be longer, it certainly pays to think carefully about how to approach your check test.
If you have been qualified for more than a year you may want to consider requesting a check test as its in your best interests from your instruction and business marketing as you are not graded until you take a check test regardless of what you achieved on your part 3.

See below for my latest adi's check test well done Mark Easter (SLK Driving School) from Blackpool.

I did very well on my latest ORDIT inspection so you can be sure that I will help prepare you well for your check test. I regulary sit in lessons with clients to highlight strengths and weak areas to work on before a check test is attended.
If you have failed a check test or an ADI part 3 test please contact me to have a chat to see if there is any advice you need.

check test training liverpool
Pass Plus/Pass Plus Extra
Having passed your driving test how about a further training programme focusing on subjects such as Motorway driving or perhaps to a major city? If you live in staffordshire you can get it part funded DSA/Passplus
Advanced and fuel saving Driving
Beat the fuel price increase by following some simple techniques that I will teach you, and then if you are really enjoying it, how do you fancy having a go at proving how good a driver you are? The Two main tests to consider for the regular day driver are I.A.M and Rospa, This could be the best £35*** you ever spend, contact me for more info on how to prepare. RoSPA
Key benefits include enhanced road safety skills
Step above the average and protect yourself from poor drivers
Reduced insurance claims so therefore cheaper policy
Fuel savingand reduced running costs
Have proof that YOU are a good driver not just you think you are

Training prices.

Learning to drive

Learners £28 per hour.

Payment terms cash or pre payment with bank transfer or cheques

Training to become a driving instructor and furthering your career.

ADI part 1/2/3 training,ADI part 3 rescue, standards check training and development. Advanced driver training to Rospa Gold standard-

Prices Start at £40* per hour for local training(Min 3 Hours)
*For further away destinations please contact me for prices as this is dependant on your location.

I am currently offering ADI Part 2& 3 rescue training packages
A full days (6 hours ) training at your choice of location for, please call me for details on prices.
I offer discount for a second consecutive day, meeting half way or an agreed location, please call for details.

Training Locations.
  Driving lessons Congleton| driving Instruction Macclesfield| driving schools Alderley Edge| driving Instructors Knutsford| driving lessons Wilmslow| driving schools Sandbach| driving schools Alsager

Instructor and check test and driver training-
I have travelled to many locations to train people, in fact I have driven on every motorway in England,Scotland and Wales as part of my work, so I may have been to your local area.
For additional cost, I will travel to any location to help you with your Driving Instructor training.