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Beginner or previous experience?

Learning to drive is an exciting experience, many young people wait in anticipation of their 17th birthday to get started on their driving lessons.
It's also common to find learner drivers starting their driving lessons later in life,infact recently I have recently taught 3 drivers the youngest was 38 and the oldest 67!

Lots of learners focus on their driving test, but passing a test is only the start, you should be learning to drive with a driving Instructor who teaching methods will allow to meet your aims, but also teach you how to drive any car, how to understand car control and the huge responsability that driving involves (one of the major reasons people fail driving test is they simply have been taught incorrectly).

I believe the correct way to teach someone to drive is to educate on;
Car control and understanding its limitations

Develop early stage thinking skills once Controls are understood

Taking responsability as a driver and complying with laws and regulations

Becoming an independent driver by Concentrating hard and learning advanced thinking techniques

Route planning, fuel saving ,vechile maintainence,enviromental impact of driving

Weather Systems and your wellbeing,life style and its impact on your drivingand other road users

Avoiding Crashing,road rage,distractions,and breaking the law

Enjoying driving and easily passing your driving test!

I conduct driving lessons around all areas of Knutsford and other local areas, look out for me in my Blue Vw Golf.I have been a driving instructor since 2005 and have numerous industry qualifactions.

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Adam is a fantastic driving instructor that i cant rate highly enough, very professional and gave excellent tuition.I would definately recommend him to anyone that is learning to drive or looking to further develop their driving skills or career.
Sam Johnson
Great Warford

Learning to be a new driver.

What would you like me to teach you on your driving lessons?

Driving tuition on how to drive a car properly and understand why you are doing it?
Qualitiy driving lessons that allow you,once ready, to pass your driving test easily?
How to be confident,economic new driver and how to avoid crashing of course!
How to really enjoy your driving and the opportunities it brings.
Learn a little about basic car maintainence on your driving lessons to pare for road.
I can teach you all you need so why not get in contact with me to start your driving lessons and learn a fantastic new skill.

Getting started on your driving lessons

Before starting to learn to drive you must have your provisional license and be able to meet current eyesight tests, and be in generally good health.
Direct Gov has the most upto date information for new and experienced drivers.
Learning to drive is a serious commitment to study and practice in your own time if possible,whilst taking professional driving lessons and also being able to fund the cost of your driver training.

It's estimated that the average pupil will take approximately 2.3hrs x their age; if you're 17 you would expect to have around 39hours driving lessons, plus private practice. This is obviously a guide to help you budget, however every pupil learns to drive at a different pace.

Whats on offer.
A stunning Volkswagen Mk 7 Golf R-Line, a great car to drive, blue motion technology and numerous safety features. Dual controls fitted as a training aid.

Reliable,patient,friendly and highly skilled instructor.

Flexible approach to learning using coaching and client centred learning techniques.

Lesson structured to suit your needs,budget and ability.

Driving Instructor Congleton

Pass Plus/Post driving test training.
So you have now passed your driving test! well done.
Welcome the the huge cost of motoring, the only way to keep up with the rising costs is by perfecting your driving skills.

Quite simply how you drive has a huge effect on how much fuel you use, how long your tyres and brakes last and most important how safe you are on the roads.
Perhaps consider further driver training?

It could help with your car insurance costs

Motorway driving tution
Fuel saving driver training
Refresher driving courses
Advanced driving techniques

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Vehicle maintainence.
Driving a vehicle means checking it is safe and legal even if you dont own it.
Following these simple steps can help avoid dangers and points on your license.This is only a brief list you need to be up to date with all regulations when driving a vehicle


P- Check you have enough fuel what ever the type,dont take chances it may be simple but imagine running out of fuel on your own late at night in the middle of nowhere.

O- Oil is critial to running any engine, too much,low or no oil will mean overheating and even seizure you should check any other vital lubricants your car needs to function such as brake fluid(legal requirements),power steering fluid.

W- Water this really means fluids like screen wash(legal requirements) and engine coolant.

D- check your ehicle doesnt have any obivous damage such as cracked windscreens,broken lights and mirrors and sharp edges etc

E- Items such as the wipers and headlights are used frenquently so can easily develop faults but dont forget about fog lights and the horn

R- Tyres,driving with defective tyres could land you with massive fines,points on your license and risking your own and others safety ,check tyres before every journey and weekly check the air levels and tread depth it could save your life.

Cost of driving lessons and Driving tuition locations.

Learners ( manual or automatic) £30 per hour.

Payment terms cash or pre payment with bank transfer or cheques

Driving lessons Locations.

If your area is not listed please contact me.

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