Adi part 2 training;

ADI Part 2 training.

DVSA ADI Part 2 training & ADI part 2 test advice for potential driving Instructor.

Preparing for your part ADI 2 Test

How to pass the ADI part 2 test.

Drive to a consistently high standard for about an hour, showing flexibility,understanding and adapting your driving skills and techniques to suit the ever changing situations of driving.

What is the best way to prepare for your ADI part 2 test.

To avoid making simple mistakes you must consider that some of your driving techniques may need a little work or updating.Your adi part 2 training should include complete understanding of what to do, why you are doing it and even at this early stage some a good idea on how you will pass these skills on to learners.

Below is ADI part 2 test marking sheet.

Its important to understand the marking sheet
as you will be seeing alot of these once you qualify as an ADI as they same sheets as used for learner tests.
The maximum driving faults allowed are 6, any serious or dangerous fault will always result in failure regardless of how many driving faults have been marked.
Many trainee instructors struggle with ADI part 2 training and therefore the exam,so it makes sense to be 100% ready before you attempt the exam.

adi part 2 training

I will accompany on your ADI part 2 test if you wish.

I wouldn't suggest you go for an ADI part 2 test that I didnt believe you could pass. Having the option of your trainer with you is important as they give you extended feedback and structure any future ADI part 2 training sessions.

What are your strengths in your driving?

Many potential driving instructors are taught from the beginning that they should pass one test then move onto the next .Introducing ADI part 3 training within part 1&2 training allows you develop your driving and at the same time develop some early understanding of instructional techniques and core competencies, combined with the skills you already have in place, this approach can be very beneficail towards the next stage of the ADI qualifaction process.

Reviews from previous ADI part 2 training clients.

Having self studied through ADI part one and received local help with part two, I was looking for a pay-as-you-go solution for part three training. Adam was very accommodating, considering the distance he had to travel for training. His driving philosophy and ethics are to teach the skills required for life not just to pass the test - this is relevant for learners passing the standard driving test as well as PDIs looking to become fully fledged driving instructors. The 1-1 tuition I received was always tailored to suit my requirements and not a 'one size fits all' approach. I received fantastic, professional tuition and invaluable advice from Adam and am now looking forward to developing my career as a driving instructor.

Sarah Perry DSA ADI
December 2010

I have recently completed my DSA ADI part 3 training with Adam. I have trained with Adam for adi part two and three.
I however started my training with a National Driving School and only changed over to Adam because of the poor standard of their Instruction and Customer service.
Since training with Adam I have found his services to be totally professional.
His pre work and planning are precise and exhaustive therefore allowing for accurate training to be delivered to students.
My training was compressed due to time constraints and Adam tailored my training to suit the situation.
The package was both intense and perfectly targeted.
His knowledge is in my opinion second to none and evidence of this is the pass rate with students he enjoys.
He is a superb motivator and seemed to be able to draw out knowledge I did not know I had.
I can only thank Adam for the work he has done during my training.
It has been hard and intensive (Covered part three in 7 days) but rewarding and cumulated with me passing my adi part three test.
I would recommend Adams services to anyone interested in becoming an ADI.

Thanks Again Adam

Duncan Hall DSA ADI
Kingsley Holt
April 2011

First off all I would like to thank Adam for giving me excellent training for becoming an ADI ! . I was given Adams number by another instructor she told me he was good but she was wrong he is actullay AMAZING.
His teaching method is very educational with lots of information not only does he teach you how to pass the exams but also teaches you how to become an excellent driving instructor for life .
He is also very easy to communicate and very flexible always managed to fit me with the times I wanted.
I would fully recommend his training to all ADI's overall top bloke value for money and EXCELLENT trainer Thanks!!

Ishtiaq Siddique DSA ADI
March 2011

Don't drive like a learner driver!

Show the examiner just how good you are,I will train you to a very high standard and help you display a very good understanding of using the 'mspsl' routine,how to display well planned and smooth eco-safe driving techniques and how to make effective and correct decisions throughout the test.

How I can help you.

Perhaps you have already done some ADI part 2 training or maybe failed a test already? I can get you back on track,I regulary sit in adi part 2 tests and know whats required.

I can identify your strengths and what you understanding of the exam is.

I will give you an honest opinion of what areas need working on.

I will send you a detailed report by email to help you prepare further and join you on your test if required.

If wouldn't suggest you to go for a part 2 test unless I believe you will pass it.

please contact me and we can discuss your plans

ADI part 2 exam tips.

You must be flexible and confident in your approach to the exam.

No two tests can ever be the same so you must act on what is happening at the time,just the same as when you are driving,every journey holds different challenges even on a familiar route.

You must know & understand the 'mspsl' routine about AND show it!

During the ADI part 2 test the examiner will use their skill and expertise to observe your driving, you must demonstrate a very high standard throughout the test.Many people fail this exam simply because they take it before they are really ready for it.

You must be well trained in the all driving & knowledge techniques required.

Many PDI's are taught that you have to always do something in a particular way, this is not the case it is all about the circumstances and depends on many factors,if you have a very narrow approach this will effect you on your ADI part 2 test and even more so if you get to the stage of ADI part 3.

How to avoid making simple mistakes.

The best approach is obviously to be very well prepared, but what about the test nerves? For some candidates it has been many years since they have taken any driver training let alone a strict driving test such as ADI part 2.During your ADI part 2 training I will coach to understand the exam,what to expect from the driving examiner,how to deal with conversations during your test and above all how to remain relaxed and calm throughout your test.

Vehicle safety questions(show me tell me)

The best approach to deal with these questions is to regulary check over your own vehicle.Throughout your ADI part 2 training we will work together on the vehicle checks to make sure you are totally clear on how to do them and how to explain them at the beginning of your ADI part 2 test ,this will help to begin your test in a confident mannner knowing that you havent already recieved minor faults before you have even left the test centre.

At the end of the test

There is no worse feeling that waiting for the result of a driving test.At the end of your part 2 test,the examiner will normally return to their office for a few minutues to complete the marking and then return to give you the result.It is very important to listen carefully during the debrief(what ever the result)as you can gain valuble feedback and this can help you if you have failed or perhaps towards your part 3 training.

adi part 2 training Home.

Costs and ADI part 2 training locations.

ADI part 2 training from 35* per hour ( minimum 2 hours, *dependent on your location )-
Payment terms: cash or pre payment by bank transfer or by cheque.

ADI part 2 Training Locations.

- Cheshire
- Derbyshire
-Stoke on Trent

I am happy to travel to your address or meet near your local driving test centre
If your area is not listed please contact me.

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