Adi part 3 rescue training manchester

ADI Part 3 rescue training Manchester.

ADI Part three training & advice for driving instructors

Worried about the standards check that will replace ADI part 3 in October 2017?

Failed a part ADI 3 Test?
• Do you understand why you failed your ADI part three?

Some people go into the part 3 test not really understanding it and therefore have little chance of passing it.

• Were you advised to take your Adi part 3 test because you had completed 'your 40 hours' ADI part 3 training despite not feeling ready?

Sadly many PDI's face a difficult decision having pre paid 000's for a set amount of hours,often believing the only way to get more part 3 training from their provider is to take a test and fail it.This is often the case I encounter when delivering adi part 3 rescue training.

Does the adi part 3 test sheet below look familiar?

Do you understand the marking sheet?
which sections seems most important to you?
What are the minimum pass marks?
Did you feel like you just were not in control during the part three test?

adi part 3 rescue training manchester

•Did your trainer accompany on your ADI part 3 test or listen to the debrief?
Did you understand the debrief?,having your trainer with is very importanrt as they give you extended feedback and structure any future training to help overcome any instructional weakness

•Overall did you think the ADI part 3 test was difficult?
Many potential driving instructors are taught from the beginning that adi part 3 is a hard exam with a small pass rate,.The pass rate is low, however if you are taught correctly adi part 3 is demanding but a straight forward exam.

Reviews from previous ADI part 3 rescue clients.
Hi Adam,

I become a Grade 5 Driving Instructor with Adam's help! After training with a National Driving School and failing my ADI part 3, I've contacted Adam in order to get one to one adi part 3 rescue training. In just a few lessons he spotted and rectified my weakness and I was confident when I took (and passed) the Adi part 3(test of instruction ability). About a year later, I received a request to take the Adi Check Test. Once again, Adam's high standards and very professional approach has helped my career and I've passed with a Grade 5. Highly recommended! Thank you Adam!

Dan Ghetau DSA ADI
Bury St.Edmunds

"As a PDI, I failed my first attempts at part 3 Instructional ability. I started looking for extra training and came across Adam's Website.
When I first contacted Adam to explain my two previous tests, he was very understanding and helpful from the outset.
I then started training with Adam, who was very professional. You could see right from the start he knew his stuff, not only did he provide the training I needed, but he also gave me many tips to help with myself to instruct learners.
I took the option of 4-hour sessions and have to say they were very intense. The training he provided along with his vast amount of knowledge on the subjects helped me pass at the third attempt.
If you're thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor, I would highly recommend Adam.
Professional, polite, friendly atmosphere throughout"

Laurence Whelan
Wirral, Merseyside
Febuary 2017

Driving Instructor Congleton

ADI part 3 rescue training

Live along way from me??
If you have recently failed an adi part 3 test,please get in touch with me even if you are hundreds of miles away I can still help you out over the phone and also I may know other adi part 3 rescue trainers who may be closer to you and able to do some adi part 3 rescue training with you.

How I can help you

• My phone number is 07736162117 If I'm not able to answer please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as I'm able too.

•Perhaps you have already done some adi part 3 training or maybe failed a test already? I can get you back on track,I regulary sit in adi part 3 tests and know whats required.

•I can identify your strengths and what you understanding of the exam is.

•I will give you an honest opinion of what areas need working on.

•I will send you a detailed report by email to help you prepare further and join you on your test if required.

•If wouldn't tell you to go for a test unless I believe you will pass it.

please contact me and we can discuss your plans

ADI part 3 exam tips

• You must be flexible in your approach to the exam and roleplay and its purpose for this exam.

No two tests can ever be the same so you must act on what is happening at the time,just the same as when you are driving,every journey holds different challenges even on a familiar route.

•You must know what you are talking about AND show it!

During the part 3 test the examiner will use their skill and expertise to draw out knowledge from you about the subject you are teaching.You must adapt to this and show you have learnt more than just the 10 PST's.

• You must be well trained in the various instructional techniques required.

Many PDI's are far too rigid in their instruction believing the way they have been taught is the only way it can be done,sometimes insisting on pointless and unneccsary routines that have a negative effect on the lesson.
Understanding how to approach the part 3 lesson' is vital to success, you must know how to teach a real driving lesson and then adapt your instructional techniques to suit an adi part 3 lesson.

• Pay close attention to your level of instruction.
You must have a clear understanding of how to adapt you instruction at the pace of a short adi part 3 role play exam.

• Teach your 'pupil' the lesson(pst) that has been choosen,avoid slipping into the trap of thinking you need to instruct through every part of the pupils driving.

For example if you have pst 7 phase 1 -'approaching junctions to turn left and right'then teach this, dont concern yourself too much with how the examiner,for example does at emerging from T junctions on a part 3 as its not relevant.

• Deal with all faults using the core compentencies to the best of your ability.
Which of the core competencies do you feel that you understand most? Do you understand the link between them? My adi part 3 training sessions often need to focus on areas suh as fault analysis,level of instruction and control of lesson.

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Costs and ADI part 3 rescue training locations.

ADI part 3 training from 40* per hour ( minimum 2 hours, *dependent on your location )-

Training Locations.
ADI part 3 Rescue -

I am happy to travel to your address or meet near your local driving test centre
If your area is not listed please contact me.

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