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DVSA ADI test training Shropshire.

First ADI Check Test?

When I look back to when I qualified as an ADI, it wasnt long before I was dreading my first check test.

Does this sound familiar?.Has your letter arrived or do you get a worried feeling everytime you see the postman?

Fear not there really is nothing to worry about,forget what you hear in the test centres,Check tests give you the chance to show what you can do.Most importantly build a relationship with examiner who is there to help you throughout your career as an ADI.

If you get a check test within a year of qualifying you may get graded with an E-educational but it doesnt have to be an E go for the best you can do you may get a pleasant suprise!

I you have been qualified or more than a year and havent yet had a check test,get on the phone to the DSA at Newcastle and request one, It's in your best interest to do so.

Check test training.

• My phone number is 07736162117 If I'm not able to answer please leave me a message and I will call you back.

If you have recently failed a check test,please get in touch with me even if you are hundreds of miles away I can still help you out over the phone and also I may know other trainers who may be closer to you and able to do some check test training with you.

Check test training 10 point plan.

• Dont try to hard to get a grade 6 if your good enough it will happen.

• Start with a well structured recap and clearly set objectives.

• If you need to change the plan, do so to suit what is happening.

• Listen carefully to your pupil and yourself.

• Pay close attention to your level of instruction.

•Show your strengths,relax and try to enjoy it.

• Teach your pupil what they need to learn, based what they have previously learnt.

• Deal with all faults be prepared to change to suit what is happening.

• Finish with a strong recap ask pupil for 3 strengths and 2 areas that can be improved.

• Listen carefully to the feedback at the end.

driving instructor training shropshireHome.
Previous check test clients.

Adam was my trainer for my Driving Instructor Part 2 and Part 3 tests. His training was always very professional and honest. 1st impressions were very good. Dressed in suit and clean car. I could ask Adam any question to do with the test or any part of driving and he would know they answer straight away. His knowledge was brilliant. He always went on the positives and made sure that any errors were identified and corrected. I would definitely reccommend Adam for any Instructor Training.

Matt Short
West Midlands

I used Adam for some check test training which I found very insightfull and helpfull, because as all ADI,s we can slack off from time to time.After just one session, Adam pointed out all my good instructional points along with some areas I needed to work on which I began implementing on lessons, then I went back for some more training to see if I was up to standard.
Again Adam advised me on how I had improved and what areas I needed to improve on again, then when it came to my check test I now felt I was going into it with my eyes wide open and I was fully prepared. The result on the day showed I was more than prepared because I gained my grade 6 mainly due to my excellent training, so many thanks to Adam.
I would fully recommend his training to all ADI,s my grade 6 is proof of this.

James Forster Grade 6 ADI
March 2011

Observing your lesson

I often 'sit in' on lessons of ADI's preparing for check test this has anumber of advantages;

• I can see your strengths and how you deal with your pupil

•It can help me to also formulate a training plan

•I can identify your weaker areas and how you react toan observer

•I offer this as a free assessment if you book a 6 hour mini course

•If you would like me to join you on a lesson
please contact me and we can discuss your plans

Improving your grade.

With well over half of the ADI register at grade 4 it shouldn't take to much work to put you into the minority.

If you get a grade 5 this is an excellent result(only about 1/3 acheive this) and you won't have to do another for at least 3 years(but usually longer)

Get a grade 6(about 6% acheive this) and well thats something to be very very proud of.

Check out my testimonials of recent clients who have completed check test training with me
Role play or pupil.

What ever suits you best,I have done it both ways and prefer role play for my Fleet checks however if I was doing a standard check test I would probally opt for taking a real pupil.
If you are taking a pupil it really is just a case of taking the pupil who will fit in best and doing what you do normally nothing more,nothing less.

Costs and offers.

Check test training

  ADI Standards Checks training from 40* per hour
( minimum 2 hours, *dependent on your location )
Payment terms:
Cash or pre payment by bank transfer or by cheque.

Training and Meeting Locations.

ADI Check Test Training -

•Market Drayton

I am happy to travel to your address or meet near your local test centre
If your area is not listed please contact me.

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